Date: 08/07/2022

HPX 1.8.1 Released

Author: Hartmut Kaiser

We have released HPX 1.8.1 that adds a number of small new features and fixes a handful of problems discovered since the last 1.8.0 release, in particular: a lot of work has been done to improve vectorization support for our parallel algorithms. HPX now supports using EVE – the Expressive Vector Engine as a vectorization backend. More work was done towards full compatibility with the sender/receiver proposal P2300. We have fixed all collective operations to properly avoid overlapping consecutive operations on the same communicator. We also fixed a dangling reference problem while serializing non-default constructible types. We have added support for static linking on Windows (using MSVC) and have added support for M1/MacOS based architectures. A full list of changes can be found in the release notes.

You can download the release from our releases page or check out the 1.8.1 tag using git.

If you have any questions, comments, or exploits to report you can reach us on IRC or Matrix (#ste||ar on or email us at hpx-users. We depend on your input!

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