We use GitHub for tracking bugs and feature requests. Please see for the resources below if you are looking for the right place to get support for using HPX.


Real-time Chat

  • IRC (#ste||ar on Freenode): this is the best option to get in contact with us as most of the developers are available on this channel. Check out the channel archives for past conversations.
  • Slack (#hpx on the cpplang Slack, registration): this is another place where people usually offer support.
  • Matrix ( the Matrix channel is bridged to the IRC channel. The channel is readable without an account.

Mailing Lists/Groups

  • hpx-users group: contains release announcements, and user discussion and support. See here for past conversations.
  • hpx-devel group: contains development discussion. See here for past conversations.

Latest News

  • For latest news and announcements please see our regularily updated blog.

Stack Overflow

The HPX Community is active on Stack Overflow, you can post your questions there:

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