HPX Project Management Committee Selected

Yesterday, March 5, 2020 we have elected the inaugural members of the newly established HPX Project Management Committee (PMC). If you are interested in knowing more about our meeting, please have a look at the meeting notes. Please feel free to send an email to hpx-pmc@stellar-group.org, if you would like to reach the PMC with comments, suggestions, or any other business related to HPX.

This is a first step towards setting up a more formalized governance structure for the development of HPX. We are currently working on finalizing the Governance document that outlines the basic guidelines for how we anticipate the HPX project will evolve. In short, the HPX project will be governed based on a meritocratic model, where those who contribute the most will have the biggest sway in determining the future of the project.

The next steps in the process of formalizing our project structure, we will select a chair for the PMC, accept the Governance document after applying some minor changes we have discussed. Please feel free to get back to us if you feel you would like to comment or contribute to that document.

In the future, we hope that having a formal governance structure will simplify contributions and general involvement of more people and organizations.

HPX Project Management Committee Selected

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